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About the project

Government of Uganda has put emphasis on skilling as a human resource development strategy as part of the effort to transform Uganda from a subsistence to a middle-income status. Nagalaale Foundation is working to complement Government in realizing this noble vision by establishing and operating a vocational secondary school within Kayini Parish in Seeta-Namuganga subcounty, Mukono District. The construction of the school is underway.

The school’s main objective is to improve young people’s access to quality post-primary education and training. Emphasis is to be placed on acquisition of real-life production skills that enable young people to be optimally productive in the market place. The school will employ the Value-Chain Approach to livelihood strategy, which enables every learner to define and base their entry point into the market place along specific value chains.

The school will run a bi-pronged model that combines the conventional secondary school academic curriculum with vocational skilling for all students. This will require the establishment of various skills workshops, skills farms, field attachment programs, and incubation units. Going to this school will be a life-changing experience for both the staff and students. The school will also be used as an agent for community transformation in different livelihood sectors.

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