— Why we do what we do —

Our aim is to empower communities through unity, self-sufficiency, and collective action for shared prosperity.

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Our Strategic Direction

 We foster community unity and individual potential for shared prosperity.

Nagalaale Foundation envisions “A community in which the African value of the common good is paramount and individual potential is nurtured for optimum productivity”. 

Our mission is “to empower individuals and communities to create positive change by fostering a sense of unity, encouraging self-sufficiency, and leveraging the collective strengths of communities”.

The strategic goal of Nagalaale Foundation over the period 2023-2028 is to successfully invest in transformative livelihood-enhancing, self-led community initiatives, and social services projects, across sectors of healthcare, education and vocational skilling, as well as hospitality and community tourism.

Nagalaale Foundation is premised on the philosophy of African communality, “I am because we are, and we are because I am”. Our work in the communities is shaped by the understanding that the community is as good as the individuals that constitute it. An empowered community has to be a collection of empowered individuals. The livelihood conditions of a community are a product of the collective resourcefulness of its individual members. Since health, education and livelihood systems are critical pillars in building people’s resourcefulness, the transformation of communities begins with transformative change in these spheres. Nagalaale Foundation seeks to transform communities through inspiring empowered individuals to prioritize the common good in all they do.