Lamech Hatumba: “This community has always been welcoming”.

Mr. Hatumba was born in the current Butaleja district, and moved to Kayini with his elder brother, who was a trader in the capital Kampala, in 1960. Mr. Hatumba later became a renowned professional tailor in the city. He is so hardy that at 80 years of age, even though no longer works in the city, Mr. Hatumba still has the strength to sew suits and gomesi (busuuti or bodingi), the floor-length costume traditionally worn by women in Buganda. In his prime, he worked with Indians, who had contracts to sew school and military uniforms.

Mr. Katumba is just one of the many non-Baganda who have permanently settled in Kayini and surrounding areas. There have also been prominent Baganda who are not indigenous to area, including a one Kasirivu, who is credited with founding Kyajinja trading center. Others in Mr. Hatumba’s memory are: Jotham Kibuuka, who was a prominent farmer and watch technician; Sajjabi, who was an athlete and parish chief in Kitabuluzi; Ntabazi, among others. Most of these have since passed on.


“This community has always been welcoming,” Mr. Hatumba says.