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About the project

Nagalaale Country House is located in Kakukulu Village, Kayini Parish in Seeta-Namuganga Subcounty. It is conceptualized as a serene, exclusive and executive haven for reflective/ strategic thinking, tucked away in the middle of a natural green environment of a rural setting. The Country House offers hotel-like services within a spacious home environment, characterized by highly personalized hospitality. It is designed to exclusively accommodate a single group (team) of a maximum of 20 guests at a time.

Like all the other projects championed by Nagalaale Foundation, the Country House is to be used as a tool for stimulating and catalyzing community initiatives – in this case, community tourism within the Foundation’s area of operation. A community tourism program will be initiated at the Vocational Secondary School and attached to the Country House for mentorship and field attachment. In addition, the Country House will provide technical support to the school in regard to designing and running community tourism programs in selected homesteads within the surrounding communities.

Most importantly, the Country House will function as a source of revenue for the sustenance of the Foundation’s activities.

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