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We partner with the community to develop projects, empowering locals for sustainable change.

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About the project

When fully established and well-resourced, Nagalaale Foundation will provide direct financial support, coaching and mentorship to vulnerable and innovative individuals and groups for self-awareness, self-determination, and self-development as individuals or in institutional or group settings. The Foundation will invest in infrastructure and facilities that benefit the community as a whole, in a holistic charitable approach to addressing the most critical needs of the community and sustainable improvement to their standards of living. The Foundation will leverage existing resources within the community and collaborate with community groups and other government and non-government actors, to share costs, technical knowledge and efforts in order to avoid duplication, deliver to scale, and ensure value for money.

Ways to get involved

Contribute your skills in education, healthcare, or administration. Join our initiatives.

Join us in creating sustainable change through community-led initiatives, education, and empowerment programs that uplift lives and foster resilience.