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Empowering communities through self-led initiatives rooted in the African philosophy of communality.

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Who We Are

Nagalaale Foundation is a community-oriented charity focused on catalyzing community self-led initiatives aimed at uplifting livelihood standards through maximizing the available resources within communities. The charity achieves this through nurturing individual potential and triggering community endeavors for the common good. It is built on the profound African philosophy of communality – “I am because we are; and we are because I am” – and embodies the spirit of self-led development. It is committed to nurturing individual potential and sparking community endeavors for the common good.

Founded in 2020, Nagalaale Foundation is legally a non-profit and registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee with Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB); and is in the process of registering as Community-Based Organization (CBO) with Mukono District Local Government Administration.


Our Strategic Direction, 2023 to 2028

Foundation has developed a six-year Strategic Plan (2023-2028) to guide its investments in self-led community initiatives, with a strategic focus on four major Community projects, namely: Community Health Center in the health sector; Vocational Secondary School in the education sector; a demonstration Model Farm in the agriculture sector, and Country House in the hospitality and tourism sector.