Empowering hope future lives

through giving

Support our projects in healthcare, education, tourism, and sustainable agriculture to help build a brighter future.

Commitment to impactful change
and community welfare

Discover our commitment to social welfare and impactful change.

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Empowering lives through maximising available resources

We are a community-oriented charity focused on catalyzing community self-led initiatives aimed at uplifting livelihood standards through maximizing the available resources within communities.

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Investing in programs focused on community development

In the nucleus operational community of Kayini Parish, Nagalaale Foundation is investing four major community projects, which are being established and will be operated in partnership with the community.

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Dr. Moses Mulumba (PhD)

The foundation was founded by Dr. Moses Mulumba, PhD, a respected human rights lawyer, advocate, academic, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is the founder of CEHURD, advocating for the right to health in East Africa. He also established AHAKI, addressing Africa's sexual and reproductive health challenges.

Empowering communities
through sustainable programs

Explore our impactful programs promoting education, healthcare access, and community development.

Education initiatives

Empowering future generations through access to quality education and skill development programs.

Healthcare services

Enhancing health outcomes and promoting wellness through accessible healthcare services.

Community development

Fostering resilient communities through infrastructure projects, and social programs.

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    Community Voices

    Discover heartfelt stories from our community, sharing their experiences and impact of our work.

    Church Provides Belonging, Friendship, and Free Eye Treatment for Kisozi John Musisi.

    Community development empowers local people to take charge of their own initiatives.

    Lamech Hatumba: “This community has always been welcoming”.

    Socially cohesive communities are better equipped to overcome obstacles and adapt.

    George Segujja: Prayers Answered with Help from Nagalaale for Church Renovation

    Tailored solutions are more effective in bringing about meaningful change and improving lives.